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SysRTM has experience in developing Complete EndToEnd Systems and Products belonging to Consumer Space, Automotive Infotainment (Air / Land / Sea), Aircraft Cabin solutions, Home Automation/Integration and Other Domains (Work / Document Automation, ...).

Below are some of the Systems and Products developed by SysRTM.

Home Automation/Integration System:

This consists of a Central Unit and a collection of Monitoring and Control peripherals. The Central Unit monitors and records the power consumption, temparature, light, ... and inturn controls electrical systems like heating, lights, pumps, ... This in turn can be viewed and configured using the UI provided by the Unit to a Connected TV and or securely over the Internet (if enabled).

It also is capable of being used as a infotainment system in the house allowing access to the internet as well as general and customized (from utility companies) applications/games/... It allows connecting to TV, as well as can take input from USB or IR Keyboard/Remote.

The Monitoring and Control peripherals inturn communicate over wireless and or wired channels.

Automotive Infotainment System:

We have Decentralised, Self Redundant and Reliable Infotainment systems for the Automotive Segment. They give access to a large catalog of Multimedia contents and games for the passengers of our clients, including early access movies from Holywood. We have our own custom end-to-end DRM solution approved by majority of the Holywood studios.

The System and its contents can be updated in multiple ways including direct offline update as well as centralised background live update. The System supports both wired and wireless networks.

Our System also integrates with necessary backend systems of the vehicle to provide facilities like Passenger Alerts, Attendant Calls, Light Control, SmartMaps, Safety Videos, Info (ETA, Speed, Temp, Distance,...) among others.

The System has EASA and FAA approvals for Airline industry.

The Display LRU of the system can be used as SeatBack players, Bulkhead monitors, DropDown monitors, Cabin Control panels,...

It can also be used in trains, busses, ships.

Other Aircraft Cabin solutions:

A Flexible Cabin PSS solution which can either integrate with existing PSS backend or work in a decentralised standalone basis.

USB PED device charging solution, which allows passenger devices like mobiles to be charged during flight.

Steralisation Product for Consumer space:

This product allows the consumer to steralise baby bottles and its parts using UV Radiation quickly. The product has builtin safety features to monitor that the Unit is fully closed before the steralisation cycle starts. It also has builtin thermal monitoring as well as autostop logic to stop potential wrong and unsafe usage of the product.

The product can be either powered from a wall socket or it can be operated using the builtin rechargable battery, so that it can be used while traveling. It provides Audio and Visual notification wrt Steralisation cycle.

The product has been tested wrt European and US safety regulations for the product and materials.

Sleep apnea monitoring device:

This connects to existing CPAP, BiPAP devices and inturn tracks the sleep. It also identifies any sleep apnea events and inturn uploads data about the same to the cloud, if required.

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