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Technical/Engineering Consulting
System and Product Research, Design and Development
Support Service for Prototyping, Manufacturing and Maintenance

We have wide and indepth experience in architecting and developing systems which involve spread across the end domains of Aircraft Cabin solutions (IFE, PSS, USB-PED Power, ...) including Automotive Infotainment, Consumer Medical (steralisers, sleep monitoring(apnea), ...), Consumer space (interactive television, tablets, media players, ...), Home automation, ...

Based on the end goals and constraints like cost, processing power, domain/standards, power consumption, ... we help select the appropriate platforms and components/modules followed by the design, schematic capture, pcb layout and prototyping. We keep the dfx requirements like dfm, dft, ... in mind across these phases so that we can help you take the same to production with out any problems; Where we also help with NPI, production testing during manufacture.

We work closely with our ID-Mech partners to try and achieve a good balance between the functional, id and board placement requirements.

For more info Contact hanishkvc AT sysrtm.com or hanishkvc AT gmail.com

Some of the OpenSource stuff done for fun and or exploration during breaks can be found at